Fausto Caricato is a sound artist and musician from Pisa, Italy. His sound research is structured as an organic, fluid and emotional mix of synthetic elements and analogue instruments: a dual art which is the reflection of a complete artist and on the border between the formal approach of the sound designer and the more romantic aspect of the musician of rock and noise extraction.

Some of his compositions have been selected and performed at the Tempo Reale Last Minute Concert 2019, Diffrazioni Festival 2019, Phonurgia Nova Awards 2019, Florence to New York Project 2019, Tehran Electroacoustic Music Festival 2020. He recently created multi-channel sound installations for Studio Gennai in Pisa and Municipality of PaviaSince 2022 he has been curating the festival Spuren at Cantiere SanBernardo in Pisa, multidisciplinary art festival focused on sound and on listening. He participated in the performance The Sky in a Room by Ragnar Kjartanssonn for Fondazione Trussardi Milano and in 2022 he was selected for the call for artistic research residency Il Giardino Segreto organized by the cultural association Dello Scompiglio. indetto dalla associazione Dello Scompiglio.

In the musical field he made his debut as a soloist with the album Broken Toy World and in duo with Die Toten Mäuse both for independent label Zustandsaufnahme of Cologne. He composed some music pieces for the the film L'Incorreggibile by Manuel Coser, prized in 2016 with Solinas award and produced by Altrove Film. He collaborates with the webradio Fango Radio curating the program Off-Air and featuring some original tracks on Fango Radio Editions.

He is now working to his next EP "Viaggio al Pass della Conserva" (Journey to the Pass of Conserva)